Saturday, 4 August 2012

Murder in the dark.

Malmir raced to support his new comrade, slicing the knife fighter across the cheek. meanwhile, clearly recovering more rapidly from the wash of blood than Werner Kirsten climbed over the over turned table.

Taking advantage of the surprise of Malmirs attack Johann swung a mighty blow at his opponents exposed neck. Years of pulling against the Reik's mighty currents gave the oarsman's keen blade power and the neck parted. The gruesome head landed in a shower of further blood at the feet of Harbull and Wanda, grimacing up at them.

Kirsten at first appeared to be considering the unopened door to the rear of the room but then seamed to reconsider. She returned to the stunned body of the man who had told her to leave. A practised killer would have found the heart from the stomach moving up under the ribs. Kirsten new to this deadly work had to find the strength to force her blade through the thick muscle and bone of the mans chest. But strength she found and once cleared the point of her sword quickly pierced the mans heart. Opening his eyes it was as though he looked deep into her soul and then was gone.


  1. So malmir had a great hit but failed to do a critical.

    Kirsten I felt was asking to do two actions so her go only took her over the table.

    I took Werner, Habull and Wanda's silence to mean they were shocked into inactivity by all the blood.

    Kirsetn couldn't fail to kill against the prone injured man.

  2. Brutal stuff! Loved the way the decapitated head ended up startling Harbull and co!

  3. Very cool. Agree with your call about the number of actions Kirsten was trying to take. I got a little carried away.


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