Thursday, 9 August 2012

Deadly Quiet: Bloodied but Unbowed...

Johann nodded his thanks to Harbull for his efforts - he didn't want to hurt the little fellow's feelings but the boatman wondered whether more dirt and infection was being pressed into the wound. These were not the ideal environs for apothecary of any kind. With one hand holding the dressing the Halfling had prepared against his cheek, Johann stood and sheathed his sword, after wiping the blade clean on one of the huddled forms lying nearby.

As Kirsten and Malmir prepared to investigate the sounds emanating from the next room, Johann quietly and slowly loaded one of the dead Tilean's crossbows and pocketed half the bolts. Once bitten, twice shy was how the saying went and as more violent confrontations were sure to lie ahead, he had every intention of going into them with an unfair advantage.

He pocketed the bloody rag and made his way over to stand by Malmir. He would show off his badge of honour so that the next bunch of lowlife curs would know he meant business. With both hands cradling the crossbow, he readied himself for action...


  1. If anyone else feels that they need the crossbow more I'm sure Johann can be persuaded to give it up, although I'm sure he'd also like to level the score a bit before entering his next melee!

  2. Oops forgot to add - he will stand behind Malmir ready to fire into the room after the Elf has loosed his arrow should it be necessary.


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