Monday, 13 August 2012

Deadly quiet

A much more acceptable splatter of liquid falls on Werner's face as he upends the shattered wine bottle and tosses down some of the cheap raw wine. As the reddyblack dregs drips off the shattered glass claws stretched for his face Werner feels a pang of Harbull is patching up his comrades and he can't even share a bit of the alcoholic booty.

It was only a bit of wine, and not very good at that. I'm glad I saved him from a poor vintage as this. I'll make sure I save him some of the next bottle..... he rationalizes to himself.

After listening to Kirsten's plan, he nods his head and follows Johanns lead, gathering the other crossbow and 10 bolts. He helpfully lowers the lantern and hands it over to Wanda, "This one looks a bit more sturdy", he whispers to her, "not like that dainty trifle Oldenhaller's servant left with us".

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  1. Werner will take up position with Malmir and Johann supporting Kirsten (from a distance). He will have his crossbow loaded.


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