Monday, 13 August 2012

Deadly Quiet

No rest for the weary, Wanda thought as Werner made his way over with the lantern.

Taking the device, she held it away as she coughed one final time, spitting what she could into a corner. It wasn't very lady-like, but, unlike Werner, she wasn't prepared to experiment with any of the drinks in the room, and there was no alternative.

Another thing the wise adventurer always has, she realised. Always carry rope. And now, always carry water. Come to think of it, always carry lantern oil too.

Wanda moved over to Harbull. She'd heard Kirsten's plan, but could contribute nothing other than a nod of affirmation and the implicit offer of carrying the lantern.

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  1. Surprise! Wanda will avoid the dangerous part of the upcoming activity and position herself at the back of the group. She has a lantern and she's not afraid to use it!


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