Thursday, 9 August 2012

Deadly Quiet: Kirsten Speaks

Padding softly away from the door, Kirsten motions for the others to join her in the centre of the room, by the overturned table.

"I hear something heavy and wooden being moved around next door. Could be that the noise out there hid the sounds of fighting in here. Could be that they heard the fighting and are assembling a barricade. I'm going to move to the door, open it slighlty, and take a peek. Can someone cover the lantern with a cloak while I peek out? I don't want the light in here shining out when I take a peek."

Kirsten pads as quietly as she able over to the door once again, placing each foot on the stone florr toe-first, then heel last, to minimise noise.

Once the light behind her is extinguished and the others stand ready, she opens the door just enough to peek out into the room beyond.

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