Thursday, 9 August 2012

Deadly quiet.

In the gloom Harbull made his way over to Johann to administer to his gangly new companion. Perhaps it was the poor light, the excitement and unusual circumstances but the Halfling was unable to reduce the slow trickle of blood escaping the wound in the boatman’s cheek.

Wanda wiped her mouth of bile and stood lost in contemplation while Werner search the room to discover a broken bottle of cheap crimson wine, perhaps a quarter of its contents remained bellow the jagged glass neck. He also was pleased to discover a bright lantern hanging by an easily lowered cord and some twenty bolts for the two crossbows in the room.

“Shh!”, hissed Kirsten, her attention, like Malmir’s on the door interrupted by the big man’s investigations. In the quite the faint thumping that Kirsten heard beyond the door was clearly audible to the Elf. Some distance away heavy, wooden objects were being moved.

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  1. No luck with the healing dice this time Harbull.

    Let us say you have ten usable arrows left Malmir.


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