Sunday, 19 August 2012

Deeper and Down: Bait or Bluff?

"Well then, if we are to follow Werner's plan, and it is a good one, do Harbull and Wanda agree to be our sheep in wolf's clothing and go down there first?"

Johann glanced at the pair and smile reassuringly,

"I can promise we'll do our best to make sure you don't end up as lambs to the..."

Thinking better of his turn of phrase he turned to Malmir,

"You have a keen ear and eye and tread softly - can you and Kirsten shadow them, while us ruder folk bring up the rear"

He grinned wryly at Werner,

"No offense intended friend, but you and I are probably best employed in the vanguard, where we can intervene once surprise isn't needed any longer."


  1. An outstanding question is if we can clean anyone (Kirsten particularly) up enough to attempt subterfuge. Erny? What are the chances of cleaning up? Was kirsten near sprays of blood?

  2. Is anyone wearing a cloak - can it be turned inside out?


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