Thursday, 16 August 2012

Deeper and Down: Subterfuge if possible

"I doubt we can easily walk into that room like we belong.....especially with an elf present. I can assure you Malmir, it would be quite an event to have an elf show up in a room, let alone a hideout in a dungeon. "

"On the other hand, I do like the idea of attempting to bluff our way through. We could be facing a lot more enemies, and we really are taking our own lives ever time we enter a fight. Old Guthry used ta say that it was the fellas who entered fights blindly who ended up mained and dead most often. "

"Of course," he says fingering his clothing, "we might be a bit mucky at this point to get away with subterfuge. Perhaps we can hide some of the folks with ranged weapons behind a more innocent talky group. If anything goes awry the folks upfront drop to the ground and the arrows fly...."

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  1. Glad someone noticed many of you were covered in blood!


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