Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Deeper and Down: Its a Stick Up

"Hmm, I agree with Wanda on one thing. I'm not sure these sewer rats will want to be interrupted by a bunch of unfamiliar faces. Sounds like they're in a hurry to leave."

Johann nodded his head in the direction they had just come from and went on,

"... must be a reason for that and I wonder if old One-Arm back there has anything to do with their haste. I would also wager that our prize might be in one of those crates that are being carted about down there."

He inspected his crossbow closely.

"I think one of the stealthier among us should see what we're up against. If we have the upper hand in numbers then we sneak down there and hold them up with our crossbows. I for one would like some answers. Whether they are forthcoming or not, it'll be easier to tie the thieving scum up, or otherwise render them harmless than engage in another pitched battle - not that I'm too interested in any of their life stories..."

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