Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Deeper and Down

Wanda lifted the lantern, shedding bright light onto Malmir's face.  

No expression. Could he be serious?

"Not being in the business of combat or crime, I wouldn't know, but I can't help thinking that brazenly walking into a well lit room full of criminals dilligently going about their business, without knowing how many there are and not having any plan of defense or escape in place, would result in the instant and painful demise of those doing the walking in.

"This room is a defensible position. All of you are now equipped with missile weapons, which should provide suitable suppression down that corridor." Wanda pointed to the door ahead them. "And we have an established escape route. My suggestion would be that someone," she locked eyes with Malmir, before glancing at Kirsten, "should try and see what's in that room. If they are detected, they flee up the corridor to this room, where we make a stand. If they are not detected, but can determine what we face, then we are in an altogether superior position. Should we need to flee, we can barricade this door."

Wanda's voice softened. She looked down at the body Werner hacked apart. "Also, I'm not so sure how much killing we should be undertaking. We don't know these peoples' stories..."

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